Wednesday, December 31, 2008

got stuff? thoughts about storage and baggage

fortunes have been built on the phenomenon of stuff.

now, at the edge of the horizon of 2008, let's take a brave open eyed, open minded moment and gaze upon all of the things that have accumulated in our lives. projects vigorously begun, weight not quite lost, books bought slightly read, clothes you just couldn't leave. a lot of stuff.

one of my friends has created a kingdom out of convenient apartment basement storage units founded on the brilliant insight that apartment dwellers, like house owners, are helpless stuff collectors except that they have very limited storage space and would gladly spend a small fee per month to fill a container in their basement with their overflow of important things. and, when that isn't enough - not to worry - there are empires of huge monochromatic buildings everywhere with more rooms waiting for you to put your stuff in.

is it me? do you really need all of that baggage that is filling your life, closets, basement and additional real estate created specifically for your stuff? and those are just the physical, tangible things. what about the billion dollar diet and excercises businesses that are dedicated to taking on your excess emotional, psychological, and carbohydrate loaded baggage?

listen, i say its time to lose the stuff and liberate empty space. consider setting some new year personal goals, or what you might stop doing. how else can serendipity and new energy be enticed into entering your life?

this is what you should do:

1. perfect the power of no.

"do i need this?" this could be that denim skirt from 1968, a self-focused cousin,
boxes of college textbooks, that second slice of sachertorte mit schlag - you get the idea.

just say no.

2. less is less stress.

will you be happier with only the things you always reach for, the things you love to wear in

your closet, the things that look nice hanging by themselves one per hanger? will you be

comfortable with less things to agonize and choose from? will you be content spending more

time with one or two close friends instead of the madding crowd? will you love yourself more

if there is less of you? what are you kidding - YES!

3. juxtapose joy.

multitask, shmultitask. yes, that means all of you who are currently texting, emailing and conducting several conversations at the same time while driving with one knee drinking coffee. we were meant to live momentously. not fabulous.

what you will realize is that by divesting yourself of unimportant stuff will leave you with something amazing.


you and the space to unleash your potential to be so much more, with less.

i look forward to hearing how you move ahead in meeting the challenges of these leaner, and meaner times. less stuff, less surface drag. and for those of you who still need a little time to do this, my friend in the basement storage unit business has a deal for you!